On the road to Bissau

It was time to leave. We didn't want to overstay our welcome and also Meana, Solomon's wife had been waiting on us day and night which we weren't too comfortable about. So, we packed our things in the dark and said our goodbyes at 4 in the morning. The bus left early and it was a fair trek into town. Luckily the moon was out to help us in the dark and upon our arrival in town we found the bus heading to Sao Domingo's. Surprisingly we didn't have to wait long and we were on our way by 5.15.
Three hours of a dusty bumpy dirt road followed before we got off looking for immigration(we still were yet to have been stamped into Guinea-Bissau!) A shared taxi ride to the border followed before we were stamped in with no hassle! Back at the Garage we found and bus heading to Bissau and after much arguing about the price we were on our way.
Bissau turned out to be rather small, and very dusty. We found a nice cheap pension run by a very old, zimmerframe walking Portugese woman. A nice cold 'Super Boc' followed in a local cafe which had wi-fi before walking the market and retiring. It had been a busy, eventful and enjoyable few days!


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