Kakum National Park and the start of a good rest!

Lil and John had invited me the night before to join them visiting the National Park, about 45 mins away. I was considering it, but not today, but the offer of a chauffeured car and more talk about travel persuaded me. We arrived and I was in no state to be walking in the rain forest. I signed up to only the Canopy walk, which sounded appealing. It was full of loud Americans and young Ghanaian students and most certainly wasn't. With no chance of seeing any animals or having any moment of solidarity, I walked it as quickly as possibly and headed back to the canteen to wait for Lil and John who returned an hour or so later, having signed up to go on another walk. We headed back and had lunch before I said my goodbyes to find a new, cheaper place to stay. I found a nice place in a quite part of town. It would be my home for the next week or so. After the last few weeks of seemingly endless dusty dirt roads, one was more than looking forward to vegetating for a while. And this is what I've been doing. Eating at a great friendly place, and not venturing outside for much more. The road however will be calling ever so shortly.... Until then.


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