Top Ten Travel Experiences: No. 02, Liberia: A day of epic frustration… (Feb 2010)

This is a more recent memory, still (painfully) clear. Looking back I enjoyed the day, however at the time it was more than a variety of emotions. I started the day by getting locked in my room by two women demanding money. I broke the window by trying to escape. I eventually was let out my the manager. The Police soon found me at the bus station. I was going to be charged with prostitution and vandalism... Eventually paid my bribe, then spent the rest of the day getting bogged down in the mud with a mad semi drunk learner driver. I Arrived in the rain at night, knackered but Alive! What an adventure... Africa! 🙂

You can read about the whole day, in detail here.

Still a few hours to go... A quick break with my semi-drunk learner driver...

A better section of the 'road'...


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