Out and about in Dalian climbing Dàhēishān (大黑山), devouring a BBQ and singing Karaoke with my students.

So I've been in China now for almost a month. It's strange because it feels like I've been here forever! I take that as only a good sign. Everything has fallen into place so well it's been quite amazing... So, my latest adventure of sorts entails spending the day with my students climbing the highest peak in Dalian. Sure, it was no Gokyo or Annapurna trail but it sure was a fun day! We decided to meet at 9am and uncharacteristically I was 5 mins late! I always pride myself on being very punctual. So although my students were OK with it I was quite embarrassed. We set off and caught a bus to the starting point to climb 大黑山 Dàhēishān (Big Black Mountain) After a quick coffee we set off, not before Robin kindly got a spare Jacket from his dorm for me to wear. As usual I was unprepared. It already was mighty cold... We started the climb. It was great to be amongst some nature again with some new friends. They were my students, but only on paper. At least today. We soon stopped for a lunch break. Given my previous mountain adventures I was expecting to continue for a couple of hours or so before stopping. My surroundings had changed though, this was not a solitary, contemplating experience. We were here to have a good social time and enjoy. We all shared our various snacks and continued on shortly after... Some of the terrain was surprisingly challenging. We were rock climbing for various sections. We continued on. It was rather cold especially when the wind picked up. After 3 hours we had made it to the top where Vincent, Robin and I shared a swig of some local Chinese Whiskey. A quick stop at a Buddhist temple and some more food before we started walking back down. Choosing the road this time. It was mid afternoon, which meat it was fast getting colder... We caught a minivan back to town. Our next stop was a local restaurant. A feast was to followed. Mostly all Barbecued meat and beer. I was heaven! We somehow managed to devour pretty much all the food before continuing on to KTV. KTV is the equivalent of the Friday local back in England. The place where every goes to have a good time! However Karaoke is the order of the night here. You get a private room with a quite high tech ensemble (for me at least) consisting of a TV, quality speakers and a control board where you can choose your song of choice. Unfortunately the quality of good western music was quite limited... Nevertheless I feel I done a pretty decent rendition of Imagine by John Lennon and Billie Jean (with dance moves included)... The lowlight of the night would to be singing two (that's right 2!) Lady Gaga songs.... A deadhead has no space to even contemplate Lady Gaga in any living situation..... Nevertheless it was fun, and before we knew it three hours had passed! Some great renditions of Chinese songs were sung by my students. Good fun! So, we all had to be back at school tomorrow so it wasn't going to be a late one so went our separate ways. A great day!


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  1. robin···
    November 29, 2011 at 2:19 pm #

    Is well written

  2. Uwan
    January 3, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    Always awesome each time read your story,,,make it long story please 🙂

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