Top Ten Travel Experiences: The complete list.

So here is the final instalment of my 'Top 10' list... It's been hard to choose just ten given the vast amount of memories and experiences that have amounted over the years however I think the list is quite accurate. So, my final favourite experience is the one that I'm living at the moment. Teaching in China. Here is the complete list. Please share some of your top travel experiences with us as well! 🙂


01 - Teaching English in China: I had been looking for a job oversea's for a while and upon returning to England from Africa I was undecided what lay ahead. Everything fell into place quite quickly and before I knew it I was in China. Everything so far has been great. The job, the people, the food, the location. All makes for a different, yet totally relevant travelling experience...

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Out and about with some of my students in Dalian, China


02 - An epic day in Liberia: This is a more recent memory, still (painfully) clear. Looking back I enjoyed the day, however at the time it was more than a variety of emotions. I started the day by getting locked in my room by two women demanding money. I broke the window by trying to escape. I eventually was let out my the manager. The Police soon found me at the bus station. I was going to be charged with prostitution and vandalism... Eventually paid my bribe, then spent the rest of the day getting bogged down in the mud with a mad semi drunk learner driver. I Arrived in the rain at night, knackered but Alive! What an adventure... Africa! 🙂

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03 - Travelling with my sister in Nepal: My sister and I were both on the road at the same time so it made sense to do our best to meet up! We had been in contact but with me being in the village everything was a little unorganized. Sure enough though after a few days of confusion we ended up bumping into each other in Thamel. We spent the next two months, along with Ant (her now Fiance) and 3 weeks or so with Helen (a lovely Dutch woman we met) trekking, eating and and generally just having a blast. Of course  we had our arguments, what else would you expect! However I have some fantasic memories travelling with 3 amazing people. Thankfully (or in some cases not...) Kym filmed a lot of it!

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04 - Leaving war torn Georgia: My memory of leaving Georgia was just as memorable as my entry. Staying in a small town high up in the mountains with a blind local and his wife I found out eventually that Russia had declared war on tiny Georgia! I didn't know all the details but wasn't taking any chances. I decided to get out as fast as I could, which is when I ran into Benoit, who I shared many a drink with in Tbilisi. Upon arriving at a junction town we parted ways and wished each other luck. I arrived in Trabzon, Turkey a few hours or so later. Hectic day and very memorable day!

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05 - Entering Georgia with a Heroin dealer?: This was a mammoth day on the road. I spend a couple of hours walking towards the Georgian border before I was eventually picked up. I had no problems crossing, however my new friends had some very suspicious looking powder in his boot. He got through, insisting it was powdered rocks... I was doubtful. We were in, and I was in a strange town I didn't even know the name of. I spent a couple of hours walking around the desolate town before I was offered a place to sleep.. FOr the evening I headed out with my new host and by the end of the night I was very drunk and being offered a local woman which I felt obliged to refuse given my malnurished and dirty state!(sigh)... It's day's like this that really make you feel ALIVE!

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06 - Sleeping on Mt. Nemrut, Turkey: If I was asked by someone what is my favourite month I have ever been alive (so far) I would have to say July 2008. It wasn't comfortable, I was missing my family, but boy was it a trip! After spending the night sleeping in a supermarket I spent the following morning with some new Turkish friends and then continued with them to the 'base' village. I walked up alone however and as the evening approached I climbed to the top and placed my bag a few metres away from the mellenia old statues. Again, the dead were playing. A 74 Dark Star, Eyes and Stella Blue If memory serves me right!. With my head on my bag gazing up at the night sky I had never seen anything so beautiful. Billions of stars, shotting all over the place! Made all the more sweet by the fact that the giant spotlight from below scanning the mountain missed me everytime!

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07 - Ten days in Kurdistan: After reading it was posisle to head to Iraq I simply had to go, regarless of the risk. Once in Mardin, Turkey I done some reasearch on the net and soon after was on the road crossing into Iraq. The north was in reality very safe and little trouble had occured there for years. Nevertheless I thought it best not to tell my parents, for their peace of mind! After some questioning at the border I was in! Ding, my Chinese friend joined me a few days later. We travelled together for a few days before conintuing solo. My most memorable memory... Being interrogated for two hours at gunpoint by Iraqi Police for being in Halabja... An adventure to say the least!

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 08 - Crossing the desert in a 4x4: was in Siwa the Oasis town in the far west of Egypt and wanted to do a loop, visiting all the Oasis towns. There was no public transport from Siwa to Bharaiah, so my only option was to hire a 4x4. Slightly expensive however one had no choice given the route I wanted to take. We started early and were soon bogged down in the sand. This happened several times. Soon the Hashish came out and although I wasn't a regular smoked anymore , given the surrounding I felt seduced to accept. I have a favourite memory of us driving along, with some strange Egyptian music playing on Cassette and me, looking out the window in my stoned state being able to see the curvature of the Earth. Breathtaking.

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09 - Sleeping on the Great Wall: Many people can say they have seen the great wall but few can say they have experienced it. From sneaking into the rarely visited section I was greeted with guards shooting off fire crackers at me (at least that was my assumption). My night was a very special and spiritual experience. I entered a trance like state while listening to a verocious 74 'Spanish Jam' from the Dead. Waking up, on my sister's birthday I was happier than ever for being alive and being able to travel. I was blessed and this in some way marked the start of what was to follow in my travels...

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10 - Trekking in the Himalayas: I started in little visited Jiri at just under 2,000 metres and over the period of three weeks walked through a variety of different terrains and magical landscapes. Gokyo was especially amazing. Pictures simply don't do the area justice. Crossing Chola Pass, at over 5,500 metres was challenging alright, thankfully I had some friends to do it with. We encouraged each other on and eventually made it! Everest Base Camp, slightly over-rated perhaps, but a must see if on the trail. After climbing up Khola Ri and getting a early morning view of Everest it was time to head back down. I did so with Leon, a fellow traveller who I'm still in touch with. We done it fast, taking only two days. My feet were so badly blistered by the end that we had I had no choice but to fly out... An amazing few weeks up in the heavens!

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