Summary of 2011…

So, 2011 is coming to an end... What does this mean? To most people this means the end of a good or bad year and a new chance to make the next one even better. For me, I can't really say the year is coming to an end. My 'new' year started when I returned from Africa. I judge my 'new year' not by calendars but by trips. This however is a quick cap on the last 'calendar' year... 🙂

It seems more that a while ago that I was welcoming 2011 in Guinea-Bissau with my good friend Rosalind. Guinea, Sierra Leone, followed by almost arrest in Liberia, Malaria in Co'te d'Ivoire, Good times in Ghana, Giraffes in Niger, and corruption in Mauritania. One can say the first 8 months of the year were some of the most frustrating and memorable on the road yet! (You can read about them all in detail in the respective country or month section 🙂 )

As 'reality' would have it, one does need money to travel. I've never been one to live of the ethos of letting other people feed me. Sure, if people are hospitable to me, great! However I think the 'Into the Wild' idea of living off people's generosity is wrong, and ultimately can get you in trouble (As our friend found out...) So, come August I was out of money and had to return to the UK. I was nervous. I dreaded the thought of having to work there again... However the year before I made a promise to myself, like I have done many times over the years. I vowed never to work in any warehouse again...

It was great being back with my family again. In now normal fashion I tricked them and showed up unannounced 🙂 A few wines and Guinness' were had of course!

I started looking at my next step... I had a few ideas. WWOOFing in Romania, Teaching in Mexico, Russia, China?.... First though I had an idea to get some cash quick. Medical testing. I met a friend in Africa who had been doing it for years. I was in, and hoping to get some cash ASAP to get back on the road... Then I found I had been accepted to teach in China... I was also in. Staying on the road was temping, however it was time to think about doing some 'serious' work. I'd travelled through China before so had no qualms about about working and spending a year there.

As fate would have it, the medical trial fell through and my starting date for China was pushed forward. Don't you love when the universe does that!

So, I packed my backs and hit the road again. Another goodbye, but we are more than use to them by now...

I arrived in China and before I knew what was going on had signed a one year lease on an apartment. It was brand new and fully furnished and very close to the school that I was teaching in. I settled in very well, and have been enjoying my latest 'incarnation' thoroughly. Life is great and long may it continue! Roll on 2012! 🙂

A glimpse of 2011 in Pictures:

Guinea-Bissau: I welcomed in 2011 with Rosalind, A legend of a woman a good friend 🙂

Sierra Leone (Feb) I loved Sierra Leone. The people were amazing! I will be back one day! 🙂

Liberia (Feb): This was probably the most memorable day on the road ever!


Ghana (Feb-July) - I made some amazing friends in Ghana. It sure was hard leaving... The road was calling however!


Ghana (Feb-July) - I made some amazing friends in Ghana. It sure was hard leaving... The road was calling however!


Niger (July) I always wanted to see Giraffes in the wild and I finally got to in Niger! Typically, it of course turned into a big adventure! 🙂


England (Aug) Back home with my family, good times! 🙂

Holland (Sep) Back from the road, but a short trip to Amsterdam to see some friends, why not! 🙂


China (Nov) My latest adventure, teaching English in China. I'm out and about here with some of my students 🙂


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  1. deepak yogi
    April 23, 2017 at 10:27 am #

    great concept can be followed which brings a new energy and feel about time and thing happens in life is never bad or good it just some thing amazing we should accept the changes as a positive thing . thanks sam .

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