Waiting at Shanghai airport… A quick update!

So, I sit here at Shainghai airport and I realise just how little  I have been ding with anyroad.net since I've arrived in China. Sure, I have't been getting into as much mischief as I usually do (though I assure I'm still getting into enough!) Though I feel a little guilty of not pushing out some articles. In truth I've just been really enjoying myself and not been completely focused...

As mentioned I sit here at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Hong Kong. My three month tourist visa (Yes, that's right I've been working here illegally) is due to expire in a few days so I have to leave the country to pick up my working visa. Inshallah everything will go smoothly... That being said I have no place organised to stay, very little money and a few documents which supposedly will be enough to grant me permission to head back and continue working in China.

A quick recap on the last few weeks. Well, our work Christmas party was quite memorable (I won't go into detail 😉 Christmas dinner was had with some fellow foreign teachers that I hadn't met before, and New Year's was spent on my lonesome...  I've already paid 6 months rent on my place so have effectively been pretty broke since I've arrived. Though in reality I need no excuse to be on my lonesome 🙂  None the less all is well and I should hopefully now be able to start getting back on my feet. 🙂

I will be in Hong Kong for a week. Mixing business with pleasure. With no plan I am bound to get into some adventures. You will of course be hearing all about them! 🙂 Stay tuned!


Below are some picture of our Christmas Party and some shots of Dalian, as you can see it sure has been cold!!


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  1. Uwan
    January 9, 2012 at 10:51 pm #

    Wish you all the best!! Insya allah everything will be going as you wish..
    have fun in HK !!!

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