Enter The Dragon… How I spent my Chinese New Year Eve.

So, how did I spend my Chinese New Year's Eve you ask? Well, to be honest it was a rather quite lonely affair... I had offers from students asking me to join them with their respective families, however all these required travelling great distance across the country. After my little Honk Kong adventure (which I just realise I still haven't written about!) I figured it's time to start re-building my finances. Something, which (as my Mother will testify to) will take more than a few months!)

So, I started the day rather late. It was a holiday after all. Even if I'd never celebrated it before I at least had an excuse on being lazy (When do I ever need an excuse though, right?) I intended on going to the Gym. I asked the day before and got confirmation that it would be open from 11 in the evening till 9....? I was confused. Nevertheless I thought I'd go and try much luck... Sure enough it was closed. Some Chinese characters stuck to the roller door proclaiming something which was still very much indecipherable . Never-mind. I needed to buy some new socks, which I did at Wallmart, which has turned into my local 'shop'of sorts. Something which I am not proud of given it's reputation in the States (or anywhere for that matter) Nevertheless everything is marked and reasonably priced. I hate shopping, but have had no choice but to invest in a few 'essential' items. My socks were getting ready for retirement, they had been by my side last year in Africa and I figured it was time to give their hole ridden soles a rest.... It was New Year's Eve after all!

 So, socks in hand I returned to my pad. Today was perhaps the coldest day so far. According to Google it was -14°C. Take into account the fierce wind and I can assure you it was reason enough to stay inside!

Eating in China is very cheap however I have always liked dabbling in the kitchen and have been a fair bit lately. Being that finding an open restaurant today would be pretty difficult, I really had little choice but to knock up a concoction, which turned out to be quite nice! 🙂

Even though I wasn't especially celebrating I still had to open a bottle of something... So, being that It was -14°C outside I went with some Mulled Wine to warm me up! I spent the next few hours indulging in several top-ups while talking to friends and relatives on-line... With the Fire-works in full swing now I really had to head out, regardless of the temperature...

I put on 5 layers, grabbed my Camera and headed out. I had my earphones in. Given the Mulled Wine, Dead Can Dance and the chaos that was unfolding one can say that it turned out to be quite a special experience (albeit a bloody cold one!) Before long my adrenalin (or rather mildly drunk state) realised just how cold it was and my glove-free hands started going numb...) Time to make my way back.. Not before I got to the epicentre of where the fireworks were being exploded. It was all rather trippy to be honest. Felt like I was part of a very peaceful, dragon induced invasion...

So I made my way back and was a few metres from my building as midnight struck. Not that you could tell, the fire-works had been in full swing for the past 6 hours (and have started again as I write this!) I stood and watch a young Father and Son burn some offerings outside before making my way to the 22nd floor. In what I felt to be quite special, my Album I was listening to finished literally the second I put my key in the door. Some things are meant to be, and it's these moments which give me faith in never questioning my decisions. Ok, enough of that hippy bull sh*&t! Here is a link to Wiki (of course) on Chinese New year and then some pics of my evening adventure 🙂 More to follow in the coming days, Inshallah!

How did you spend your Chinese New Year? Please feel free to leave a comment and fill us in! 🙂


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