Culture Shock! The Public Washroom…

So, as we all know every country has different cultures. Things which seem normal in the West seem positively strange to the rest of the world, and vice versa of course. The reason this topic has particularly sprung to mind is due to my recent forte into the land of sweat, Iron pumping and so on... Yes, I have joined a Gym.


I have been enjoying it, and in reality I was a lot fitter than I assumed (That being said I still have a hard time doing any more than about 3 push-ups!) The thing which I found most confronting was not the getting up earlier than usual or spending 25 mins running like a mouse on a wheel... But the public wash-room. In the West we are just not used to roaming around naked in front of other men.


Naturally of course, given my willingness to adapt to new surroundings, when the moment came I confidently threw away my clothes and strolled towards the shower giving the impression that it was something which I didn't think twice about. I was given no weird looks or stares. There is no reason why we should feel uncomfortable in our skin amongst other beings is there?!. I guess it has something to do with the West's attitude towards sex and homophobia.

We feel uncomfortable in any situation that is new or alien to us. Of course I have been exposed to more of these 'uncomfortable or alien' situations in the last years, and have got used to them. It's these situations which make us grow and develop more of a solid foundation and understanding of the world and it's people.


So, what I would like to know is what situations have you been confronted with on your travels where you have at first felt a little uncomfortable? Please share! 🙂


This is the only pic I could find on my PC that remotely shows any nudity (That isn't erotic!) This is: My Father and I heading to a Public Shower I assume, in the Outback 🙂



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