Reflections on my 7 day juice fast.

So I've just completed a 7 day juice fast. Why you ask? Well, why not?! Being that I've been living a relatively normal existence lately I decided  I needed  a challenge. I considered not eating for a week would be challenging  and beneficial!

I was inspired  to start the fast after watching Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. A film about  an Aussie bloke is is overweight and very unhealthy. He goes on a juice fast for 60 days and it transforms his  life, I'm sure several of you have I watched it already in which case you will understand how the film can inspire you! I am in very good health and not overweight, however the prospect of  'rebooting' was  appealing...

So I decided to start, not  deciding how long I would go for. I done a one day fast a  couple  of weeks  prior which  was very easy, but wasn't sure what the proceeding  days would be like. Nevertheless I was surprised at how easy it was. Being that I was getting all my nutrients it seemed my body wasn't too worried about not eating (that being said I was  drinking about 3 litres of juice a day!)

Of course my colleagues  and students all assumed I was mad for doing this, but then again they do anyway, regardless  of what I'm doing...

So the first 4 days pasted with a breeze. No cravings or hunger pains, and very little 'detox' symptoms,  I guess I was pretty healthy to start with. That being said I did feel more than a little stoned on day 2 and 3 (some old chemicals being released perhaps?) I quickly decided I would go the week...

However the challenge came on day 5 after a visiting a shop selling numerous foreign supplies. I had been meaning to stock up on some Indian spices and such for a while.. So, what better time to go! Well upon returning home I had a mad craving for some Indian Dahl! There was no chance of me giving in, however it was a small test!

Spiritually I can also say the fast was more than rewarding. I certainly felt a stronger connection to the Earth, and had a surprising amount of energy considering throughout!

Once the moment came to break the fast I felt contrasting emotions... Part of me was relived I could once again eat, however the other half wanted me was a little sad. When your fasting there is a feeling of lightness which emanates from both your body and soul. I felt great knowing that my body was in it's purest form for a while... I will definitely fast again in the not so distant future...

So should you be interested in fasting I suggest you take a look around on the net. There are loads of sites offering useful info and recipes...

Here's one of my favourites:

A few Carrots

A few Apples

Good Chunk of Ginger

Half a Lemon

If you have any questions, comments, or personal experiences please feel free to share! 🙂

My first proper meal for a week.. Home cooked Dhal... Worth the wait! 🙂


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