Yoga: My latest passion! :)

So I was reminded recently by a blogging friend (Maria from Latin Abroad - If you've not checked out her blog.. Please do!) that I haiven't written a post for ages.. I'd been thinking the same myself for a while... While I have no solid excuses, I'll just be honest and say I've been lazy! Truth is I feel my life is rather normal at the moment. Of course this is not true. I'm teaching in China which is an adventure in itself. It's just that compared to last year - Africa! It does feel rather normal. I'm still really enjoying myself here and feel very settled. I've enjoyed living a normal life after such a rough last few years. I've never felt healthier. Part of this is due to my new found passion. Yoga! In the West we seem to have the perception that Yoga is for girls. Well, it seems that the perception is similar here.. So admittedly I was a little reluctant to made an entrance. I asked my Chinese friend Davy who I see all the time at the gym to come with me for my virgin session. He also wasn't too keen... He did however join and found after an hour that it wasn't for him. I was intrigued however. And since then, nearly 3 months ago, have barely missed a day!  I'm often the only guy in the room, which is commonly filled with twenty or more women... Hard work! 😉 So, I have come to the conclusion that no matter where I am, what I am doing I am always looking for something to challenge me, something to keep me in the state of becoming. I am taking Yoga seriously (If only I was putting as much energy in learning Chinese!). My Indian instructor has even suggested I look at becoming an instructor myself, here in China. He insists I need a month of hardcore training to really get super bendy! I'm thinking about it... Could be a nice little addition to my credentials 😉 So, apart from my new found hobby everything else has been pretty much the same. School is getting busier, with more students joining every week it seems. And thankfully, It's lovely and warm here now, I can comfortably walk around my apartment with little, or no clothing! A far cry from the -10's at the turn of the year! So what are my future plans you ask? Well truth is I'm not sure myself at the moment. I have a few ideas in mind. All focus around two things which we all hate. Weather and money! Am I right? I can't start my next travel (still currently cycling  back from China to the UK) until I have enough money... and I can't start this adventure until at least spring and it's warm enough to not freeze over certain passes. So, Feb-March next year I will be certain as to whether I can set off. My head tells me to stay put for an extra year to save as much as possible... But who ever listens to their head? 😉 Stay tuned! Any questions or comments, please feel free 🙂

Please forgive the lame photo! One had to include a post related photo!

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