A Saturday stroll in Mysore reveals more than the eye can see.

Upon starting our Saturday walk the first thing I noticed was that I was walking considerably faster than everyone else. I usually go the lake every afternoon for a walk so I'm in the habit of walking fast as an exercise rather than an observational outing. However, I did manage to notice some interesting things along the way. As it has been raining the night before parts of the ground had turned into puddles and some parts even looked like mini rivers flowing along the side of a valley.

In regards to the nature; a colony of Ants walking in uniform caught my eye. It was very obvious by the way that they were so organised and focused that there was a level of consciousness present that we don't often associate with insects. A large centipede was also seen passing the track, this insect not in a colony yet travelling peacefully on it's own. Why does one such insect travel independently, whereas another travels in a strict line with hundreds of others following in front and behind it? Is it because a centipede is more conscious and it has more confidence of its place on earth? Or perhaps it was lost and searching for a group to follow? Perhaps this specific centipede was more introverted so it abandoned its group? We could quite easily psycho-analyse insects and make assumptions based on their behavior, yet in the end it is language which forms our greatest impression of someone/something. If we cannot understand the language, we cannot judge reason efficiently. To understand the mind of an insect we must go down to their level, putting ourselves in their shoes and follow their behavior patterns, yet finally our judgement's are merely a reflection of our own understanding of language and culture. So can we interpret 'culture' and 'language' as our friend and tool to greater understanding? Or must these be abandoned to find ultimate truth?

So these two things caught my eye while on the walk and made me think a little more deeply about some of the differences (and similarities) between the nature of humans and insects, and the bigger picture of finding ultimate truth.

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