Where can I begin? Well the beginning I suppose. I was born in Australia; in a suburb  called Forestdale, about a 30 minute drive from Brisbane city. Forestdale wasn't exactly in a forest, though alot of the street names got their inspiration from Robin Hood and medieval England. It is a family neighbourhood, with each house having enough land to kick a football about or swim in the pool. I have been blessed with an amazing family. Mum and Dad who really have done their utmost to let my sister Kym and I achieve our dreams. My first real concrete memories are of the weekends we used to spend in Boyd’s Bay caravan park. Subconsciously I got my love for the road then. Dad and I would go fishing; Kym and I would swim around in the lagoon with our boogie boards. Good memories! Being that my Dad is from England and a mad football fan, it was natural for me to follow suite and support his team, Manchester United. One of the first photos taken of me was with the red shirt of Utd. By the time I was 7 or so I dreamed of following in the footsteps of Utd greats and hopefully one day stepping out onto Old Trafford. To set that dream into motion I joined a football club. My first club was simply my school team, Saint Bernadine’s. I can still remember that first match; running around madly not knowing which way my team was going. Needless to say I improved, and as the years passed our Saturday was football. I changed clubs, joining Park Ridge. Again fun times! By the time I was 13 I had reached the top division, and Dad was playing Assistant Manager. The top division in reality was a step too far. I realised then I wasn’t going to be the next George Best. That didn't worry me; what worried me was that I was no longer enjoying it. I hung up my boots and was encouraged to focus on school. My first proper travel experience was when our family all went to England together at the end of 1997. I spent the last few months of Primary School so excited and looking forward to seeing my Dad's home he had spoken of so often. As a family we saw alot of the sights in London, and various places that Dad had reason to show us. I dreaded returning to Australia and starting High School. I prayed the next 5 years went quick. 5 years passed, and the day after graduation I set off on my first solo trip. 3 months in England. I was staying with my Aunty and Uncle; at the end of the 3 months I had seen all the sights in London mainly on my own. I still wasn't sure what I would do when I returned to Australia; I didn't care at this point in time. I knew already though that I wasn't cut out to be a banker or accountant; there was simply to much to lose and the idea of spending the next 4 years studying something that didn't interest me seemed preposterous. I returned to Australia and started a 2 year photography course. My hair got longer, and with that my ambition to travel the world and experience as much as possible. Bob Dylan was also a big influence, as was grass and psychedelics... I still remember the first time I got stoned listening to Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues. Like many naive people I thought I had discovered something that was truly magical and unique only to me. I learnt alot about myself and the universe in the next couple of years. As for my psychedelic experiences, I truly feel that I learnt more about myself and the world in a 6 hour trip than I did in 12 years of school.  I was still growing though, and I soon realised that once you've opened the doors; they stay open. I also believe it is best I suppose to travel with your mind before you set out into that big ol' world. I was now ready. 2005, and I suppose that's when my travelling begun. It's been a long crazy trip since then, with so many experiences and faces entering my world it really is hard to digest sometimes.What's around the corner I'm not sure, but I know any road will take me there. Life is great!