Below is an ever growing list of blogs and travel related websites I visit for inspiration, information and entertainment. If you wish for your blog/website to be included please feel free to drop me a line! 🙂

Travel Blogs:

Wandering Trader is a blog by Marcello, who seemingly really is living the dream. A bit of Day Trading here and a lot of travelling in between. His posts are both informative and inspiring. ytravelblog is close to being at the top of the pile in regards to travel blogs. Every post gets loads of shares and comments, reason enough to pay it a visit yourself. If you're looking for advice on working abroad or travel planning, this is one best spots to start! Latin Abroad another nomad seemingly living the dream. Maria is a translator that is always updating us on her adventures and posting interesting and relevant info! Wanndering Earl was the first person I contacted for advice when looking to delve further in the world of travel blogging. He's a genuine guy who will offer you lots of advice on anything travel related, and of course let's not forget his amusing posts. Gobackpacking has been around for quite a while, and hence is a well established blog. It has great info on monetizing your blog, there are also some very popular ebooks to purchase. Also lots of great info on popular travelled areas. Chicky Bus Lisa and I share the philosophy of travelling to 'out the way' spots. Reason enough in my mind to pay her site a visit! She encompasses a spiritual side to her stories which make reading them all the more insightful.


I met Ben, who has started up BOA, in 2007 in China and again in Nepal. He's a great guy and his Overland tours of Asia, which include destinations such as Nepal, Bangladesh and in particular the hidden Kingdom of Bhutan, promise to be amazing (and luxurious)! Best of Asia Overland Overlanding West Africa is a new venture started by former Dragoman driver's Hatter and Jimmy. They're taking Overlanding to a new level of adventure by heading through little travelled West Africa. Just looking at their itinerary is inspiration enough to want to sign up on one of their trips!

Other Travel Related:

A good site with info on destinations across the planet. Once you register you can post blogs, questions and photo's. Also a good place to fill in a travel map which you can then place on a blog or link to facebook. Geckogo Teach English in China I've recently signed up and am soon to start my next adventure, teaching in China. I've found the company to be professional and enthusiastic about finding and employing English natives.